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Building Life Skills in Junior High School with Distance Learning

Last June 2020, CSSM launched a number of courses fully online for the Summer Enrichment Program for Preschool to Senior High School learners. From our early experience in online instruction, our observations suggest that learning from home has played to the strengths and inclinations of many students; enabling self-starters to take on progressive learning challenges and empowering learning preferences which allow students to apply what they know where they learn best.

Our CSSM parents have also expressed how distance learning has enabled their children to build enduring life skills as they learn domain content. The specific examples that they shared with us include time management, prioritizing, and planning skills, as well as self-regulation. The learning from home approach enabled parents to see first-hand how engaged their children were with the online classes, and we have invited one of our parents from Junior High School to share her experience.

Thank you dear parents for your trust and support. 

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