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Improving our Children's Literacy

The school's educational philosophy is hinged on the concept that our students should be developed holistically to prepare each Markian learner for higher levels of education. Their competence is built by strengthening their foundation through a literacy program that motivates children to read and build self-confidence that will later on empower them to become lifelong learners.

"Children need to believe that learning is like play and once they begin to love learning then they become more competent to face life's challenges."

Bearing this in mind, the school has teamed up with Scholastic who shares the same values and vision for its students.

Our first year (SY 2021-2022) of partnership with them has been very fruitful as they helped provide our students with materials and a literacy program that support our educational objectives. Despite the pandemic, scholastic was able to augment the voracious reading appetites of our students through its digital library found in the Scholastic Learning Zone.

(Please note that this library shall remain accessible to our students throughout the summer of 2022)

Please note further that as far as reading proficiency is concerned, we have been able to determine, through the assistance of Scholastic, that a very significant majority of our students presently belong to the on-grade level and above-grade level of proficiency making us confident that they are ready to meet the next level of their learning journey.

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