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Learning from home are moments of “learning together”

For most parents, education has been from the context of conventional instruction. The internet was not as ubiquitous then and gadgets were not at all common. Our children, however, were born in a robust technology-enabled world and are even referred to as digital natives. The NAEYC has also acknowledged that “technology and interactive media are here to stay” (p.2.) which has shifted information and communication technology (ICT) literacy as among the critical 21st-century skills.

When CSSM launched its Summer Enrichment Program fully online, we have observed how remote learning has allowed many students to thrive in a virtual learning environment. The learning modality has enhanced their propensity for self-driven learning, honed their study habits as well as developed the capacity for self-regulation. Among the key factors that enable distance learning to succeed is a supportive home environment. When parents take the time to understand the new learning platform, they are able to provide the support their children need as they learn from home. Learning together can also become bonding moments as a family, and we have invited one of our Grade School parents to share her first-hand experience.

Thank you dear parents for your trust and support. 

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