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We are beyond excited! One of CSSM's goals is to provide future-oriented education

through ever-improving and evolving programs. The launch of MARKIAN HOMESCHOOL

INTERNATIONAL would empower holistically not just the students but the parents as well

through personalized education. We shall enable international accreditation homeschool

programs that are made accessible for everyone in Cavite...and the world!

-Mr. Ariel Jerard Arias II


March 6, 2023, marks a very important day for Cavite School of St. Mark as we officially inked the start of MARKIAN HOMESCHOOL INTERNATIONAL.

MARKIAN HOMESCHOOL INTERNATIONAL is a confident initiative that helps CSSM better

reflect its community and speaks of its mission statement in terms of nurturing responsible, self-driven and purposeful life-long learners… everywhere they are.

We are empowering families through flexible and personalized holistic education that would

cater better to their children's learning ways, needs and lifestyle.

Homeschool education with international accreditation is set to provide new learning

pedagogies for families, which we call Engaged Parenting. Our objective, beyond providing

excellent curricula, is to ensure that we enable and maintain acceptance levels of quality and diversity that promotes an environment of appreciation, interaction and recognition.

MARKIAN HOMESCHOOL INTERNATIONAL (MH) is affiliated with premier US accredited

CORNERSTONE EDUCATION INC., to allow seamless accreditation to US and international

schools. We are equipped to qualify parents and students residing in the Middle East, Europe, and rest of Asia to enjoy the benefits of MHE comprehensive homeschool services through local and international support.

Learn more about MARKIAN HOMESCHOOL INTERNATIONAL programs, contact us at or call us at 09173293383. You can also join us in our virtual open house on April 13, 2023. Please register through this link to find out more about our home school program. (Limited Slots Only)

The Markian Home School Program will officially start in August at the same time as our traditional classes.

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