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New Beginnings

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

It was an exciting day indeed as today marked the start of the school year for grades K-6 and it was clear on everyone's faces that they were so excited to be back in school after more than two years of distance learning.

For many of them, it was the first time they have ever been to school or experienced to learn in a physical setting. It was an experience that we did not want to deny them so everyone was allowed to attend the opening of the school year despite our hybrid learning modality setup.

The upper graders were so behaved and seemed so shy as they were adjusting to their new surroundings observing fellow students then trying to meet new friends and rekindle old acquaintances. There was no need to enforce discipline as everyone was compliant and follow the instructions of their new teachers to the detail.

The situation was however different in the preschool. It was a period of mixed emotions filled with excitement and apprehension.

The more lively children were easy to adopt to the new set up and explore their new learning environment with awe. Many where overwhelmed and showed their delight upon seeing their new toys and teaching materials. It was really hard to control them because of their excitement.

On the other hand there were also those who were simply too shy or reserved and found it difficult to play with the other kids that quickly. Perhaps they were not also used to interacting with that many children and adults at one time. We do understand that there is a period of adjustment needed and it will just be a matter of time before they get over any separation anxiety.

This was the preschool toys section before the children came in.

And this is the state of the play area after classes.

It was really such a fun day. Pretty soon, they will learn and follow the preschool routines and expect a big improvement in behavior as they adopt to CSSM's structured environment

Welcome back to school Markians!

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