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New Referral Program Launched


This pandemic has been difficult for everyone. Jobs were lost and as a consequence people had to make some sacrifices just to survive. Schools also for the most part were affected as the loss of income of its stakeholders meant the loss of their ability to send their children to private schools. In this regard, we have come up with a possible solution that may help all the parties involved overcome this crisis. Thus the concept of the "Student Recruitment Specialist" was born.

This is open to students, parents, or any other person simply interested who may choose to help market the school by word of mouth and have the opportunity to earn at least Php 2,000.00 from every referral successfully enrolled for the incoming school year. They don't actually need to do anything except provide us with names who may be interested in our kind of education. Of course, it would help if you knew something about the school and that is where the orientation will come in and other marketing tools will come in.

The possibilities are endless and all one has to do is to take and active role in promoting CSSM. This will not be difficult giving our proven track record in the provision of quality education in the province but we have also come up with attractive payment options, discounts and scholarships that have been made available to everyone.

If interested simply email and our marketing team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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