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Nurturing Safe Tech Habits in the Digital Age: The CSSM Parenting Seminar 2024

Originally Posted Jan 27, 2024

Today's Parenting Seminar was a true display of Markian unity and community spirit!  Parents and guardians actively engaged in learning about fostering safe tech habits for our Markian learners. Special thanks to our Scouting clubs for impeccable logistics and upkeep, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for the seminar and 2nd Quarter Parent-Teacher Conference.

Kudos to our talented Performing Arts Club and PMC students for showcasing their amazing talents! The Student Council President and their moderator took the stage as emcees, adding charm to the event. Today was a testament to the collaborative efforts of our school and students' clubs and their pivotal roles in school program.

Seeing our students excel, work hard, and contribute to the success of the seminar made us immensely proud. A big shoutout to our supportive Markian Community for making these moments possible!  #MarkianUnity #ParentingSeminar #CommunityTeamwork

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