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Distance Learning in Preschool Education: CSSM’s Early Learning Advantage Program

In 1969, “Sesame Street” aired its first episode, and children all over the world experienced how broadcast television, the “modern” technology of that era, could be a positive medium for early childhood education. For many of us who grew up knowing Big Bird, Mr. Hooper, Bert & Ernie, and Kermit the Frog, it was in Sesame Street where we learned about inclusiveness, friendship and self-efficacy -- believing in ourselves. Today, technology has become more sophisticated, digital and interactive; and in this public health crisis in our country, learning with technology can again offer the opportunity to make sure our children’s education can continue, as they stay safe in their homes.

Cavite School of St. Mark’s summer distance learning program, Early Learning Advantage (ELA), was fully delivered online to our early learners. Using child-friendly educational technology platforms, and guided by developmentally appropriate technology use, learning experiences were designed for meaningful engagement. We acknowledge the important role that parents, guardians, or caregivers have in the child’s development, and with this in mind, we form partnerships towards the learning progress of children. We have invited one of our ELA parents to share her first-hand experience, so other parents may appreciate that digital technologies can be an effective means for learning in preschoolers

Thank you dear parents for your trust and support. 

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