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Markian Achievements for 2022!

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

"a learning community in continuous pursuit of excellence"

Excellence, resilience, compassionate leadership, and achievement orientation have been enduring values that are central to Markian education. At Cavite School of St. Mark, we prepare our students to take on the challenges of a rapidly changing world through integrative learning experiences designed with rigor for real-world application.

This is why a Markian can reframe challenge and stay driven to succeed knowing that the greatest victory is when they triumph over constraints and limitations, and discover the greatness that already resides within themselves. The global pandemic caused unprecented challenges, especially in the academic life of our students and alumni. Despite these however, our Markians persevered and managed to overcome challenges towards success anchored on the preparation they have undergone while studying at CSSM.

We are proud to share the remarkable achievements of our Markian alumni. For 2022 alone, CSSM has produced a board topnotcher (Top 2 in Civil Engineering), a summa cum laude, five (5) magna cum laudes and four (4) cum laudes from topnotch schools in the country and abroad. This feat is certainly an uncommon achievement, and CSSM is truly proud that our school over the years has consistently attained this level of educational excellence. We invite you to visit our “Hall of Honor” in our website to see our Markian Achievers who represent the quality of education and drive for excellence of CSSM. (For list of "Hall of Honor" alumni, please visit

We work closely with the home, with communication and collaboration, to ensure that we maintain an environment that is conducive to students’ optimal learning and development. As future pillars of communities, we instill in every Markian the sense of agency and social responsibility that activates their passion and interest to find creative solutions to current issues and problems. Our school remains committed to provide your child with the academic preparation, discipline and formation, not just to succeed but to flourish and thrive in their chosen field.

Our alumnus shares his Markian story, about how his CSSM education has helped him build courage to achieve and dare greatly, and to find meaning in service for community.

Markians make a difference. Ang Markiano, kaya baguhin ang mundo.

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The Counsellor
The Counsellor
Sep 20, 2022

Just to update this post. There are now 12 graduates with latin honors produced by CSSM only for 2022 alone. The 12th alumnae is Ms. Gemmelle Cangco, BS Business Administration from Mapua University, CUM LAUDE.

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