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Preschool Renovation Completed

After months of planning and preparation, we have finally completed renovation works for the new pre school classroom. Just in time for class opening on Monday, August 22, 2022.

Finally, after 2 years of lockdowns we will again be able fill the halls of the school with children's laughter and we all look forward to providing our children with a strong academic foundation.

We firmly believe that for children to love learning, they must see it as a form of play. Something they will always look forward to when the come to school. Learning then becomes rudimentary to them. This also one reason that the learning environment should be pleasant for them. The pallet of colors are boundless and surely they will support the fun learning activities our teachers have prepared for them.

Much improvement has been made with at least 90% of the contents of the preschool are brand new in preparation for the new "normal"


NOTE: Enrollment is closed for certain preschool levels.

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