February 17, 2018


1.     What is Senior High School

·       Senior High School (SHS) covers the last two years of the K to 12 program and includes Grades 11 and 12.  In SHS, students will go through a core curriculum and subjects under a track of their choice and dependent on their chosen college course.

·       These two additional years will equip learners with skill that will better prepared them for the future, whether it be:

Ø  Employment

Ø  Entrepreneurship

Ø  Skills Development (Further Tech Voc Training)

Ø  Higher Education (College)

2.     Will the additional two years of HS mean additional expenses?

Not necessarily as SHS “completes” basic education by making sure that the high school graduate is equipped for work, entrepreneurship, or higher education.

This is a step up from the 10-year cycle where high school graduates still need further education (and expenses) to be ready for the world.  At this point, should they choose to, they are considered competent and ready for work right after SHS.

3.     Will SHS ensure employment for me?

a.     SHS cannot guarantee employment; but it creates the following opportunities:

         i.         Standard requirements will be applied to make sure graduates know enough to be hireable.

        ii.         You will be able to apply for TESDA Certificates of Competency (COC’s) and National Certificates (NCs) to provide you with better work opportunities.

        iii.         You can get work experience while studying and companies can even hire you after you graduate.

b.     Entrepreneurship courses will now be included.  Instead of being employed, you can choose to start your own business after graduating, or choose to further your education by going to college.

4.     Is SHS really necessary?  Must I go to SHS?   

Yes, according to the law,  If you choose not to, you will be a Grade 10 Completer and not a high school graduate.

5.     Why take SHS in CSSM?

a.     Proximity – CSSM is within close proximity to your home (assuming you reside within its community). By choosing to attend SHS at CSSM you lessen the risks involved in travelling to and from school as compared to those who will need to travel to Manila or other province on a daily commute. Safety and security is paramount to all our concerns and should therefore be taken into account seriously. In line with this, daily travel to a distant school can be taxing to one’s health without failing to mention the high exposure to risk from lawless elements. With the current traffic situation this is not a light matter to ignore. Your child’s academic performance may suffer in this regard as s/he would need to leave home early in the morning and return late in the evening leaving little room to perform required academic tasks. 

b.     Cost Effective – By far, CSSM has a competitive tuition fee structure. As compared to the regular big colleges and universities it belongs to the lower tier of fees of institutions offering SHS. By attending here you  save on the high cost of transportation / commute fee, dormitory rentals or even medical related expenses. Please note further that the curriculum offered in SHS is standard among all schools and universities. 

Projected Expenses for SHS

School                                       Annual Tuition         Transportation cost per annum*          Meals per annum*      Total cost of educate
CSSM                               Academic Track 39,000/ Tech
                                                    Voc Track 31,000                        13,200 @60/day                        22,000@100/day               74,200/66,200

Big University, Dasma**            80,000                                 22,000 @ 100/day                     44,000 @200/day                   146,000

Old University, Espana**           70,000                                33,000 @ 150/day                      44,000 @200/day                    136,000

Big University, Taft**                 150,000                                33,000 @ 150/day                     44,000 @200/day                    227,000

Engineering Univ**                      90,000                               33,000 @ 150/day                      44,000 @200/day                    156,000

 *estimated daily expense multiplied by 220 days (10 Months) to annualize.
**as of 12/01/2015 survey of selected universities offering SHS

c.     New Learning Facilities – With the opening of SHS effective SY 2016-2017, you are guaranteed to be using the new facilities CSSM has been specially built for SHS. 

d.     High Standard of Education – CSSM will provide its SHS students the same high standard of instruction that we have been known for and as evidenced by the achievements of our alumni. 

e.     Adult Learning Environment – As our students move up from middle school to senior high school they will be given more responsibility and empowerment that will channel their learning towards becoming a mature and responsible individual. Their new role in SHS will be similar to that of students from the tertiary level where their learning is driven by individual desire to succeed and perform. Students will be provided with rigor and the rest of their experience will be up to them. 

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