Admission Policy for SY 2020-2021

In view of the current Covid 19 pandemic, we have decided to implement measures designed to minimize person-to-person contact.

New students will be accepted purely on the basis of submission of required documents listed below:

1. Final Report Card

2. Certificate of eligibility to transfer

3. PSA Birth Certificate

4. Signed Enrolment Agreement

5. Completed Online Admission Form

Please follow this link to fill out FORM or follow link below:

Tuition Fee Inquiry

Fill out this section if you would like to inquire about our tution. A representative will get back to you soon. 

Type of Student
From where did you learn about CSSM?
Tuition inquiry for what grade level?

Books, Uniforms and School Supplies  

In a few weeks books, uniforms and school supplies can be bought online and delivered straight to your home. We hope to launch it fully by the end of the first week of June with all books available soon after. Right now the site is being beta tested so please bear with us. IT IS STILL NOT OPERATIONAL

Enrollment Requirements for Foreign Nationals

CSSM is authorized by the Bureau of Immigration under accreditation number AAFS NO. MCL-2009-087. The following are the requirements for submission upon enrollment:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) photocopy

  • Passport photocopy of Bio-data and Visa details

  • Complete scholastic records with authentication of Philippine Consulate/Embassy and English translation.

Financial Policy  

CSSM provides several types of discounts on tuition to qualified students and are segregated as follows:


Only incoming grade 7 students are granted the possibility of earning an academic discount depending on the following criteria:

  • The graduating batch he belonged to must have at least 30 students.

  • S/he should belong to the top 3 of the graduating batch

  • The total discount is dependent on his/her score in the entrance exam.

1st Honor - 100% discount on Tuition Fee
2nd Honor - 50% discount on Tuition Fee
3rd Honor/Honorable Mention - 25% discount on Tuition Fee

A certification of Honor will be needed upon taking the entrance exam to be submitted to the school registrar. Discounts are applied to the tuition fee only excluding miscellaneous expenses. 

The highest discount granted to 1st honor graduates is 100% of tuition fee provided that s/he passes the entrance exam with a score of at least 75%. The highest discount granted to 2nd honor graduates is 50% discount on tuition fee provided that s/he gets a score of at least 50% in the entrance exam. 




This applies only to incoming grade 7 students only for SY 2018-2019. Interested parties must submit a letter of application stating their interest in taking part in the program and must show proof of financial incapability. Approved grantees will be given a discount of Php 8,000 (approximation) for the year and in the subsequent years up to grade 10. 

Basic Requirements for the ESC (Education Service Contracting) for incoming Grade 7

  1. Accomplished application form (ESC Form 1)

  2. Recent Identical 2x2 ID photos (2 copies)

  3. PSA Certified Birth Certificate

  4. Photocopy of Grade 6 Report Card

  5. Certificate of Employment (if parent/guardian is employed)

  6. Latest Income Tax Return for the previous year or Certificate of Tax Exemption or Municipal Certification of Unemployment of Parents/Legal Guardian.

  7. Final Grade Average of 82% or higher

Approval is subject to availability and financial capability of the parents/legal guardian.

ESC Grantees from other schools may transfer and continue their grants here at CSSM until Grade 10.


Sibling discounts are provided to families with more than one child enrolled at CSSM. Starting at Php 2,500 with increments of Php 1,000. Only the youngest child can avail of the discount.

Child                   Discount          
1                             0                        
2                          2,500
3                          3,500
4                          4,500
5                          5,500

This cannot be used in conjunction with honor discounts if the youngest child is the one entitled to receive it. However, If the second child gets the honor discount and they are a family of 5 siblings, the last child will also be entitled to receive the sibling discount.




A five (5%) discount on tuition fee is automatically given to those who re-enrolls for the following year. (Applies only to old students)




A five (5%) discount on tuition fee is automatically given to children of alumni.




5% Discount on Tuition and Miscellaneous is given to those who enroll in cash on or before a set date.



Successful applicants may pay a reservation fee of Php 500. Upon enrollment the amount redeemable is Php 1,000. This amount is non-refundable if the applicant decides not to continue his/her application.  




1.  Candidate must belong tot he top 10% of the graduating class as certified by the school principal.

2.  Must pass our entrance exam with a great of not less the 70%

3. Must have a maintianing avearage of at least 87% per quarter to retain scholarship the following year. 

4.  Must not have a conduct grade of not less than AO.




Open to young men and women who excell in basketball only. 

1.  Must have an average nof not less than 80% in his/her previous school .

2.  Must pass our entrance exam with a grade of not less than 50%

3.   Must not have conduct grade of not less than SO.

4.  Must pass the try-outs to be scheduled at a later date. (interested parties must complete the preceding conditions prior to inclusion in any try-out). 


** Only 20 slots to be awarded.




  • This program is open to all parents with children enrolled in the previous school year. Siblings of students enrolled at cssm are excluded from the program. 

  • Employees of CSSM or their relatives within the 3rd degree of consanguinity are not allowed to participate. 

  • Parents of referred students must inform us of this status upon enrollment. 

  • Last day of referral claims is on June 15, 2019

  • Payout of claim can only be made after full payment of tuition. 



Collection Policy


Tuition can be collected via the following methods:

    • Deposit in any Asia United Bank Branch. For AUB account holders, then can remit payments via the banks online payment facility. For non-depositors, payment could also be made through any AUB branch all over the country.

    • Union Bank online payment facility. Please pay here.

    • Payment via remittance centers like western union, lbc, etc.

    • Payment via paypal

    • Payment via credit card

  • Aside from the regular tuition and miscellaneous collection, we can also collect for bookstore and canteen credit. This is for the benefit of overseas foreign worker parents/guardians who wish to ensure that their payments are promptly and adequately remitted to the school. 


Late Payment Policy


Timely remittance of tuition payment is crucial to our operations. Therefore to discourage this we will impose the following penalties


1. 2% per month penalty for delayed tuition payment

2. Non inclusion in prepaid activities like Outbound Trips / Retreats etc. 

3. In the event that payment of tuition has not been collected within reasonable time, account will be forwarded to a collection agency who will secure payment on our behalf. Collection agency fee is around 25% of total outstanding account receivables. Once forwarded, it can no longer be withdrawn. 

In case of unforeseen incidents that result in delayed payment of fees, the school will be willing to accept promissory notes.  Standard formatted notes are available from the accounting office. To avoid inconveniences, please file them at least 5 days before tuition deadline. 



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