CSSM believes that every employee plays an important role in the formation of our children. Therefore it is just natural that we seek individuals who can be a good partner in their education and a good fit into the organisation. 

We are constantly in search of highly skilled and talented individuals who will go the extra mile in service of our students and the institution.

We operate an environment of professional collegiality and treat one another as part of one big family. All intent on providing the best learning environment for all its stakeholders. 

Remote Working Policy Under Covid 19 Pandemic

Remote working is designed to allow employees to work from home just as they would in the office (i.e, answer calls, correspond to emails, work on projects, attend meetings via teleconference). As CSSM abides by national protocols and guidelines on health and safety, this remote working policy will address employee needs to work from home at this time.


Definition of Terms:


The following operational definitions are relevant to this document:

  • Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)

Refers to the implementation of temporary measures imposing stringent limitations on movement or transportation of people, strict regulation of operating industries, provision of food and essential services, and heightened presence of uniformed personnel to enforce community quarantine protocols.


  • General Community Quarantine (GCQ)

Refers to the implementation of temporary measures limiting movement and transportation, regulation of operating industries and presence of uniformed personnel to enforce community quarantine protocols.


  • Skeleton workforce

Refers to the operational capacity which utilizes the smallest number of people needed for a business or organization to maintain its basic function.


Remote Work Guidelines

CSSM adheres to national and/or local quarantine regulations. Please see operations guide/table indicating workforce requirements for different quarantine levels:




Health and Safety Protocols for On-Site Staff

All CSSM Personnel shall strictly observe the following regulations for onsite work:

  1. Wear a mask. No mask no entry. The mask should be worn at all times. This keeps others safe should anyone be at risk of infection.

  2. Maintain physical distancing, of at least 6 feet even as you engage in group workshops or meetings. A face shield is also required for small group, controlled meetings, workshops etc.

  3. Wash hands constantly and disinfect at all times. Every employee must use the hand wash and alcohol at the school and/or use their own alcohol with at least 70% potency.

  4. Should anyone feel any symptoms of fever, loss of smell or taste, cough, sore throat, cold and similar manifestations, he or she is duty-bound to self-quarantine, inform the school and seek medical attention right away.

  5. No employee will go to school unscheduled; all who wish to use the facilities unscheduled must ask permission from the EVP and sign the school's health declaration form; written log and ID tap remain required. The sample of the health declaration form is attached. The health declaration form will be completed before school entry and the guard, as practiced, will record the temperature reading. The guard ensures the form is completed and submits the same to accounting/admin. Needless to say, UV and disinfection standards will be applied prior to further handling and storing of documents.

  6. Employees will only be allowed in designated areas. No one is permitted to use any other room or facility without permission and approval of the EVP.


Virtual HR Procedures


Attendance / Punctuality. Under the remote working arrangement, attendance will be monitored using means that include but not limited to physical presence. Attendance may be tracked using the following:

  1. Scheduled work days and/or duties and/or teaching assignments

  2. Output-based deliverables, assignments, tasks and similar requirements

  3. Submission of reports, proposals and other similar requirements

  4. Required presence in virtual or online meetings, forums, gathering and similar activities

  5. Daily check-ins as required by departments


Absences. Employees who will be absent from work for valid reasons will need to follow the same procedures as practiced in on-site work conditions. Applications and supporting documents may be completed and submitted via the CSSM HR Portal at http://www.cssm.edu.ph/hr. An absence without approval, as in school policy is deemed AWOL.


*Note: staff who experience symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have come in contact with a person with COVID-19 must undergo self-quarantine immediately and report the condition to the

Immediate Supervisor for monitoring.


Lateness or Tardiness. Employees who are not at the designated assignment, workspace, waiting room, forum, assembly, class, venue, function and similar activities at the appointed time will be marked late/tardy, as in school policy.


Please note that updates to this policy may be applied from time to time; kindly ensure that you keep current with the latest policy or guideline.



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Last Revision 21 July 2020

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