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Library Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday

Temporarily Closed for SY2020-2021 due to pandemic



  1. Always wear your school ID as you enter the library and while in the premises.

  2. Always present your validated school ID when borrowing books.

  3. Silence must be observed at all times.

  4. Eating, littering, playing and taking a nap are strictly prohibited.

  5. Stealing, vandalism/destruction of library properties such as books, periodicals, chairs and tables will be penalized severely.

  6. Cell phones and other gadget must be in silence mode while inside the library.

  7. Maintain proper arrangement of tables and chairs in the library.

  8. Disrespectful language and/or gestures against to the Librarian will be dealt with accordingly.



1. Consult either of the card catalogue and check whether the CSSM Library has the book you are looking for.

2. Note down the call number and location section where the book may be found.

3. When the book is located, present to the librarian together with your school ID.

4. No student should bring out any material without notice of the Librarian. A student is responsible for any material check out on her ID card. A book should not be passed on from one borrower to another.

5. Students can borrow books maximum of 3 titles. Books in demand may be recalled any time.

6. The books/materials can be borrowed for 3 days only

7. Books/materials exceed to the date due loan period which results to penalty.

4. Failure to return the books/materials means the student will have to pay P5.00/day. The librarian will give an acknowledgement receipt that he/she will present to the Accounting when paying the fines.

5. Payment should be made at the Accounting Office and the receipt should be presented to the School Librarian to clear the student record.

6. In case the student does not return the book for a period of one-year, he/she will be made to pay the current price of the book + 10% price of the book (cost of mailing expenses processing of the book.

7. No books are allowed for home use two weeks before the end of the school year.

8. All lost or damaged books should be reported immediately to the Librarian. A replacement of recent edition must be made with an identical title or subject or another book written by the same author only after consultation with the Librarian. An additional charge of P50.00 for the cost of cataloguing process.







Books which cover the general collection can be found. It can be borrowed for maximum of 3 days only.




This section is a repository of material regarding the Philippines either published within or outside the country, authored by a Filipino writers. Books that published in the published in the Philippines. It can be borrowed for overnight only because of the limit number of titles and scarcity of materials.




This includes the variety of well selected stories and novels written by famous local and foreign authors that are available for recreational reading. This books can borrowed for 3 days only.




Where encyclopaedias, almanacs, atlases and dictionaries can be found. On these section books are for room use only.




On this section short stories and easy reading materials can be found. Storytelling and Puppetshow performances are regularly held in this section.



The Cavite School of St. Mark Library has the internet access available for use of students. This computers are for research purposes only.


Wi-Fi access is also available at the CSSM Library, the students should ask for the voucher for them to access the internet connections.

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