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CSSM Launches New Programs for 2024

🚀 Exciting News Alert! 🚀

🎉 We're thrilled to announce the launch of our summer programs for your children! 🎉

🤖 Dive into the world of robotics, where creativity meets technology! 🤖 ⚽️ Kick off the fun with futsal, a dynamic sport that keeps them active and engaged! ⚽️ 🥋 Discover discipline and confidence with our taekwondo classes! 🥋 🤺 Unleash their inner swordsmen with fencing lessons! 🤺 🎨 Explore their artistic side with our vibrant art classes! 🎨

But wait, there's more in store! We're also finalizing programs in basketball and music to make this summer unforgettable! 🏀🎶

We understand the importance of providing alternatives to excessive gadget use, and these diverse activities are designed to inspire, challenge, and most importantly, have fun! 🌟

Stay tuned for more details and registration information. Let's make this summer a time of growth, learning, and unforgettable memories! ☀️ #SummerPrograms #ChildhoodAdventures #UnpluggedFun

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