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School email accounts: Integral to home-school collaboration

School email accounts provide our children with the following:

  1. The means to communicate with the teacher and the school for all things related to school work as well as institutional announcements.

  2. The means for parents to monitor their children's assignments, assessment results and performance tasks. Once everyone is activated, the school will use only this email as a means to communicate with parent's and guardians.

  3. Access to the school's repository of knowledge or Learning Management System. (Non CSSM accounts will not be accepted by our domain

How to activate the Email for the first time:

  1. Click the link sent to your email address on record. Please make sure the email address you submitted is working and that you have access to it. If you did not receive any email please send a message to

  2. Upon logging you were given a temporary password, please enter a new password for personalisation. Then you are set.

  3. Wait for invites to your respective classrooms.

Please note that:

  1. One Gmail address is specifically assigned to each student enrolled. Sharing of email addresses is strictly prohibited and use of the Gmail for other purposes is not allowed.

  2. Since your child is still a minor, we highly encourage that the parents add this gmail account to their mobile devices so you will be able to constantly monitor and manage it for the student. This will also serve as the primary means for communicating with the school so it is IMPERATIVE that you have access to it. This way you will never miss an announcement for homework, quizzes and the like.

  3. For your official class adviser and section, kindly wait for the class adviser’s invitation to join the Google Classroom (K1-K3) and MS Teams (K4-12) that they have created.

  4. Under the data privacy act no downloading or any form of duplication under our domain is allowed without the specific approval of the school 

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