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🏆✨ Breaking New Grounds: Our Students Shine in the Quest for Wizards 2024! ✨🏆

🎉 We are overjoyed to announce that despite being first-time participants, our brilliant students have showcased their exceptional talents and dedication in the Bacoor City Private Schools Quest for Wizards 2024 held today February 17, 2024 organized by the Department of Education City Schools Division of Bacoor and the Bacoor City Organization of Private Schools.

🏅 Our students have not only made us proud but have also clinched several awards, setting a new standard for academic excellence within our school. The competition was participated in by over 1,100 aspiring students! 🌈📚

🚀 This initial experience is just the beginning! We're turning this success into a stepping stone towards an even brighter future. 💪 Next year, we're gearing up for an even more outstanding performance!

🌟 A special shout-out to those who have manage to secure a place in the top 5 for science and mathematics, who have earned the honor of representing our school and the DepEd City Schools of Bacoor at the 20th National Science Quest (NSQ) of the Association of Science Educators in the Philippines (ASEP) in Baguio City from Feb 23-25, 2024. 🚗🏞️ Best of luck on the national stage – we know you'll make us proud!

🙌 Kudos to all our participants, parents, and educators for contributing to this fantastic achievement. Let's continue fostering a culture of excellence and inspiring generations of learners! 🌍📚 Here is the list of top students for each level and category (Those highlighted in yellow are eligible to compete in the national level):

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