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New Markian Lawyer

Congratulations to Chrismaire "Pasky" Jumagdao for passing this year's bar exams! Pasky was an alumnae if GS batch 2005. She began her education at CSSM from preschool and after her graduation from grade school she moved to a Metro Manila school to continue her basic education.

She then took her tertiary education from the University of Santo Tomas where she also manage to become a Dean's Lister. He pre-law was AB Behavioural Sciences which she completed in 2013.

She then took here Juris Doctor's degree from the Arellano University which she completed last 2020. The years of study has finally paid off and she is now a lawyer and still a very much proud MARKIAN!

She now belongs to a long line of alumni professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, etc. As a lawyer, she was preceded by Alessandra Vilches (Cum Laude, AB Literature, Ateneo de Manila) who also passed the bar only a couple of years before her.

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