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Parent Interview with Mrs. Jocelyn Fabia, a Grade School Parent of CSSM

Parental involvement in education is crucial for a child's development. We spoke with Mrs. Jocelyn Fabia, a dedicated parent at CSSM, to gain insights into her experiences. She highlighted the importance of a supportive partnership between parents and educators, praising CSSM's open communication channels. Mrs. Fabia appreciated the school's personalized learning approach, which addresses individual needs through tailored instruction. She also commended CSSM's holistic approach, encouraging students' participation in extracurricular activities. Mrs. Fabia stressed the significance of collaboration between parents and educators to overcome challenges, emphasizing the role of parental involvement in creating a nurturing environment for academic excellence and overall well-being. These insights emphasize the importance of parental involvement and the positive impact it has on a child's education at CSSM.

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