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2023 CSSM Grand Alumni Homecoming Set!

We are pleased to announce that we shall be having a grand alumni homecoming this year to be hosted by HS Batch 1993 who will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. Preliminary discussions have been made between Mr. Ariel Arias (CSSM Executive Vice President), Mr. Rodney Lictao (CSSM Student Development Coordinator) and Mrs. Noemi Ruth (Batch 1993 Alumni Representative). Naturally the homecoming will be in their alma mater with the date set somewhere late November or early December (We will update this later).

We are calling all alumni to participate in this momentous event specially members of Batch 93 (30th Anniversary), Batch 98 (25th Anniversary), Batch 2003 (20th Anniversary), Batch 2008 (15th Anniversary) and Batch 2013 (10th Anniversary). Let us all make this a party to remember and reminisce the good and the "bad" old days. See you all!

Note: Batches who wish to make other suggestions or become part of the program are welcome to submit them to the or better yet, become part of the working group for this event.

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