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TESDA Awards Toolkits to STEP BPP NC2 Scholars of CSSM

Last June 16, 2022, 25 graduates of the CSSM Bread and Pastry Production NC2 (2021 STEP BPP batch 1) received their "TOOL KITS" from Tesda representative Rowena Bacos from the Region IV-A Provincial Office. Each toolkit was composed of tools and equipment such as an oven, measuring cups, bread knife, mixing bowl, etc. This toolkits are made available to graduates of the Special Training for Employment Program (STEP) sponsored by the office of Senator Loren Legarda. This was a 21-day full scholarship program with training both online and on-site from July 5 to August 2. Last 2021, CSSM had a total of 3 STEP batches all entitled to toolkits.

Aside from the STEP there is also another type of bread and pastry scholarship called the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) with provides only free training and assessment. All training are available to high school graduates 18 years and above

Those interested in applying for scholarships may simply come over the school / training center to fill out a registration form. No requirements needed at this time except for the form however all prospective scholars must be able to comply with the rest upon securing a scholarship slot. Complete requirements can be found at Alternately, you can also register online at

Registering will not guaranty you a slot but only "line you up" in case of a scholarship batch from Tesda has been awarded the school. Please note that we only offer the following TESDA qualifications namely Caregiving, Bread and Pastry Production and Cookery ONLY.

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